Z1DA–Correct Fire and Smoke Damper Deficiencies – 583-24-511
Notice ID: 36C25024B0056

Questions and Answers: Will updated as built showing location of FD/FSD/SD be provided? As-built drawings will be provided for each damper. The accuracy of the as-builts can not be guaranteed. Will ICRA requirements be met by using containment carts for all work in hallways? Containment carts will be required in hallways next to patient areas and other hallways where more than one ceiling tile must be removed to perform the work. Is our proposal to be based on all work during normal business hours or can a quantity of FD/FSD/SD that will need to be done after these hours be provided? All work cannot be accomplished during normal hours. Proposals should include an estimated fifty (50) dampers to be corrected after hours or during weekends. Is a full time non-working superintendent to be provided by the awarded contractor? The prime contractor shall provide a minimum of one full-time Site Safety and Health Officer (SSHO). The SSHO may fill other roles such as the subcontractor's superintendent, but not the role of prime contractor's superintendent. Please refer to Section 1.9 in the 01 35 26 Safety Requirements specification. If required, can AHU shutdowns be during normal business hours or will the associated FD/FSD/SD work be performed after these hours? AHU shutdowns for critical services shall be performed after hours during the week, or during weekends. Shutdowns for non-critical services can be performed during normal hours. The following documents are to be included in the bid submission: An original, fully completed, and signed SF 1442 Offer page ( wet ink signature ), Acknowledgment of any amendments issued either via completing block 19 of the SF1442 or completing blocks 15a, b, and c of the Amendment and attaching to the SF 1442 Offer page; An original fully completed bid schedule; An original completed and signed SF 24 Bid Bond; Completed Representations and Certifications section (FAR 52.204-8, 52.209-5 (Deviation), and 52.209-7); Fully completed Contractor EMR Certification page; and Fully completed VAAR 852.219-75. Bidders are cautioned that failure to submit any of the documents identified in items (1) through (6) in the paragraph above by the date and time specified for receipt of offers may render the bid non-responsive and ineligible for award. Failure to submit the fully completed and signed certification at VAAR clause 852.219-75 (see General Conditions) with the offer will render the bid non-responsive and ineligible for award. See attached document: Bid Schedule

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