Frequently Asked Questions
Why RFPrime?

We are here to help our users. We are always improving, adding new features and functionality based on your feedback. Our goal is to have an intuitive, easy to use solution to optimize your workflow and simplify your decision making. We welcome all comments, click on «Contact Us» to reach out.

What does RFPrime do for me?

As a business platform, we expose your post to thousands of potential clients or vendors. As a vendor, you get an additional channel to promote your business. As a client or buyer, you can have interested vendors come to you.

How much RFPrime costs?

Our objective is have transparent and predictable pricing for all users, including clients, vendors, buyers, sellers, freelancers, service providers and consultants. Please see our Pricing page for details.

How do I create an RFP?

It’s very easy to create a post: click on the button “START RFP” in the top right corner to get started.

How do I contact client or vendor?

We have built-in communication tools to start secure, direct conversations with clients and vendors. Once you are registered with RFPrime you will also see contact information of clients or vendors posts.

For Anonymous Posts, contact information will be shared after the Client that created the post approves the request to provide contact details.

Security, Data Protection and User Credentials

Confidentiality, data privacy and security are our top priorities. We use state of the art tools, such as Hetzner Cloud (location – Hillsboro, OR) to ensure that your information doesn’t get into wrong hands.

Information Sharing

We don’t share or sell your information with third parties. Please see our Privacy Policy for additional details.

Storage and Archiving:

We back up and securily store your information for as long as you’re are a member.

Payments and payment security?

Our fee and payment structure are described in the Pricing section. We utilize industry leading payment processing solutions from PayPal, ensuring privacy and security of your transactions.

If I post an ad, will I also get more spam e-mails?

Absolutely not. Your email address is not shared on the public site. Only registered users will see contact information.

Mobile access

Our site is designed to work with any modern web enabled device. You can create and update your posts anytime, anywhere, from any device.

What should I do if I have additional questions?

We’ll be happy to answer any questions and provide any additional help. For additional information, please contact us at Contact us page.


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