Trade Winds 24 Bottled Water
Notice ID: W569QE-24-Q-0022

******Amendment 0002- This synopsis/solicitation has been futher amended to change the delivery of 85,500 total liters of bottled water requirement to 110,268 liters in accordance with the Attachment 1 delivery schedule. The total liters of bottled water to be delivered now matches the total amount listed in the delivery schedule table. This solicitation also addresses the U.S. Army Food Protection Audit, which is highlighted on page one of the solicitation. All offerors must have completed a Food Protection Audit to be eligible. Offerors who have not completed the Food Protection Audit and are interested in submitting an offer may still submit an offer in the event that no offeror submission was able to complete the audit.******

******Amendment 0001- This solicitation has been amended to change the requirement from 12x500 ml cases to 24x500 ml cases. See attached Product Description for highlighted changes.*********

The 410th Contracting Support Brigade is seeking to obtain support from a contractor who shall provide non-personal service(s) to provide Bottled Water in Barbados. The Contractor shall provide services for all labor, transportation, equipment and materials necessary to perform this requirement in accordance with the Product Description (PD). The Contractor shall provide Bottled Water during the entire period of performance at the location and dates specified in Attachment 1  of the attached PD in coordination with the Contracting Officer (KO) or Contracting Officer Representative (COR). See attached Combined Synopsis/Solicitation and PD for all details and requirements.

Department/Ind.Agency DEPT OF DEFENSE
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Combined Synopsis/Solicitation
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