Supply of Class C Mechanical Meters C-T-G-FARA 7 & FARA 13-2023
Notice ID: C-T-G-FARA7_FARA13-2023

Yarmouk Water Company (YW) invites all interested eligible bidders to bid for contract No. YWC-FARA 7 & FARA13-2023 "Supply of Class C Mechanical Meters” under the following conditions:
1. The scope of work includes but is not limited to the following: - Supply and deliver(230,000 Class C Mechanical Meters to YW Hofa warehouses.
2. Interested bidders shall bring a valid professional practice certificate, commerce chamber registration, company registration certificate, and power of attorney.
3. Only bidders who fulfill the following criteria are eligible to respond to the tender. Offers received from the bidders who do not fulfill all, or any of the following eligibility criteria are liable to be rejected:

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