Request for Information (RFI) regarding potential consolidation of various Maintenance and Repair (M&R) contracts at USAG Wiesbaden Germany
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26 DEC 2023 UPDATE:

Added attachment with a list of site visit attendees. Added Attachment with Questions from the site visit and Government responses.

5 DEC 2023 UPDATE: 

A Site Visit has been scheduled for 18 Dec 2023 (information below). Attachment mentioned in the RFI with Doors and Gates inventory was previously omitted and has now been added.

The following have been added by full text:
(1) Site visit will be held as follows:
DATE: December 18, 2023
TIME: 08:30 AM
LOCATION: Clay Kaserne
65205 Wiesbaden
It is strongly recommended that any company interested in this requirement should attend the site visit to ensure
they fully understand the requirement.
(2) Please email Mr. Andrew Green ( no later than 1500 CET December 14 2023, of your intent to attend the site visit and include the full names and contact information of all attendees so that we can inform the Government personnel. The email requesting attendence must include in the header "SITE VISIT 18 DEC".
(3) Only two (2) representatives from each vendor may attend the site visit.
(4) Only pre-registered and named individuals may be authorized to participate in the site visit.
(5) Please arrive at the main gate of Clay Kaserne no later than 8:15AM. Meeting point is the Customer Visitors
Center on the right side of the entrance checks. Please ensure you have a valid passport or ID available enable you
to be signed in (gültiger Pass / Personalausweis).
From there attendees will be shown a sample of air compressor systems, oil burner systems, crane systems, elevator systems, POL seperator systems, tank systems, and EPS UPS systems. It is anticipated that the site visit will take approximately three (3) hours.


USAG Wiesbaden is currently contemplating the consolidation of various M&R contracts in our area of responsibility with the intent to achieve administrative and financial efficiencies. To that end, we are looking for industry feedback on the feasibility of this approach as well as its effect on contract cost and competition.

With this RFI, we are providing a generic overview of the M&R tasks, the equipment inventory as well as a questionnaire (“Industry Feedback”) (attached) in order to obtain as much relevant information as possible to identify the most feasible acquisition approach for these requirements.

For all below listed equipment, regular maintenance, testing, certification is required as applicable in accordance with (IAW) German law / regulation and manufacturer instructions. Regular maintenance shall include minor repairs up to 300€, all other repairs will require a cost estimate, prior approval and will be invoiced as repair. Only original, new, manufacturer parts shall be used for maintenance and repair work.

Documentation for maintenance, testing, certification and repair work will have to be provided upon completion of work.

Anticipated contract period is 5 years (base + 4 option years or ordering periods).

Contract line items are expected to be firm fixed price for Maintenance, TUEV/UVV and Time & Material for repairs.

All potential and interested vendors are asked to review the below and all attachments and provide feedback / input / comments and questions via the attached “Industry Feedback” document.

Below listed is an overview of current equipment inventory and the respective maintenance / testing / certification requirements.

Elevators:  Elevators from different manufacturers

  • 5 small freight elevators (2X maint./year, annual TUEV Inspection)
  • 30 Passenger, Passenger/Freight Elevators (4/6 X maint./year, annual TUEV Inspection)
  • 15 Handicapped Stair Lifts (2X maint./year, annual TUEV Inspection)

DGUV V3 Inspection every 2 years (Part of TUEV main inspection)

DGUV V3 Inspection after repair on electrical devices (part of repair with separate protocol)

Cranes: Cranes from different manufacturers.

  • 20 Portal & Bridge Cranes up to 10 tons.
  • 5 Mobile Portable Lifts (Roofer)
  • 2 Platform Lifts

Semi-annual maintenance on all systems

Annual UVV-Inspection (including the calculation of the theoretical service life remaining / every 4 years) by an official crane expert (Kransachverstaendiger)

DGUV V3 Inspection every 2 years (part of maintenance)

DGUV V3 Inspection after repair on electrical devices (part of repair)

Air Compressor Systems:

  • 26 Air Compressor Systems up to 20KW incl. Air pressure tanks, Chilldryer, Air service units
  • 2 high pressure compressors 300 bar, manufacturer Company Bauer
  • all other Compressor systems 85% manufacturer Company Kaeser

Annual maintenance on all Compressor systems, including inspection of oil pressure tanks

TUEV Inspections each 5 years on Air pressure tanks (Inside Check + Pressure Check)

DGUV V3 Inspection every 2 years (part of maintenance)

DGUV V3 Inspection after repair on electrical devices (part of repair)

Doors & Gates: See attached inventory. Note: 5 each large hangar doors are shown in the inventory list under “Sliding doors”, max size 10mX4.30m

Maintenance semi-annually IAW manufacturer instructions

UVV testing annually (part of maintenance)

Electrical inspection every 4 years (DGUV V3) as part of the maintenance

Separator systems:

  • 42 POL Separator NG1.5 - NG125
  • 17 grease Separators 1m3 - 3m3
  • 13 septic tanks 3m3 – 32m3
  • 37 mud traps connected to Separators (100 – 35000 L)
  • 9 rainwater retention basins 200m3 – 2700m3 + 3 drains (1.5m3 – 15m3)
  • 6 wastewater pump stations connected to Separators

Preventive Maintenance Separators 2.5-year cycle

TUEV 5-year cycle separators

Visual inspection each month on separators

Visual inspection and function test each year separators

On-Demand Service

Periodic emptying/cleaning as needed, at least monthly, but no more than twice a month of grease separators and septic tanks

Quarterly maintenance of wastewater pump stations

Liquid storage tanks: Total of 64 tank systems, 6 filling areas and 2 fuel pumps. 50 tanks are underground, capacity of tanks ranges from 1,000l to 50,000l.

  • 14 heating oil
  • 15 Diesel
  • 7 Gasoline
  • 14 waste oil
  • 10 anti-freeze/de-icing
  • 4 propane
  • 6 filling areas
  • 2 fuel pumps

Preventive Maintenance (TUEV) 5-year cycle

Repairs found during Maintenance

On-Demand Service

EPS & UPS  (Emergency & Uninterruptable Power Systems )

  • 23 UPS units from different manufacturers, power 20 to 1800 kva.

Annual maintenance IAW manufacturer instructions including vibration and load tests.

Change of batteries as needed (no extra cost for Government)

Endoscopy of cylinders every 6 years (part of the maintenance)

Electrical inspection every 4 years (DGUV V3) as part of the maintenance

Plants are distributed in Clay, Hainerberg, Wackernheim and Kastel

  • 17 UPS units from different manufacturers, power 20 to 60 kva, 110 and 230/400V, 50Hz

Annual maintenance IAW manufacturer instructions

Change of batteries as needed (no extra cost for Government)

Plants are distributed in Clay, Hainerberg, Wackernheim and Kastel

Oil & Gas Burner systems:

  • 15 Oil Burner Buderus, Weishaupt, Elco, Heylo
  • 1 Gas Burner, Broetje
  • 1 Gas warning system, Draeger

Preventive Maintenance 2 times a year

Repair service found during maintenance

On-Demand Service

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