Recruiting Station – Navy- American Samoa
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The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), POH District, is advertising for commercial retail space for a new Navy Recruiting office to be in the Western District of American Samoa.

If awarded, this office would be opened immediately upon completion of construction of office space to accommodate all requirements pertaining to the FY24 Construction Specifications for Production Offices with the lease start date commencing upon acceptance of space by the government (see attached construction specifications).

The requirements for consideration of award will entail a complete bid that consists of the following criteria at a minimum:

-Space must be between 850 – 1,000 SF and located within the delineated area provided within the solicitation (see attached)

- Parking 24/7 for 2 Government Vehicles.

-Space must possess a rear egress.

-A fully serviced lease to include janitorial, electric, and water

-Acceptance and use of government lease, with no changes to the standard language, clauses or conditions within the lease as designated by the government (see attached sample lease)

-Competitive rates of base cost per square feet for annual rent (rental proposal document attached). A breakout of operating expenses, including janitorial service costs is required.

-All costs and materials affiliated to meet the requirements of the construction specifications (including all safety and security enhancements) will be considered Tenant Improvements with reimbursement from the government upon completion of the construction no amortization within the lease.

-Lease will be awarded based on the best value tradeoff approach, the Lease will be awarded to the responsible Offeror whose offer will be most advantageous to the Government

          Factor 1: The type of Neighborhood and will be rated slightly more significant than cost.

          Factor 2: Parking availability for Visitors will be rated equally to Factor 1.

          Factor 3: Location within Building will be rated equally to Factors 1 and 2.

          Factor 4: Location within the Delineated area will be rated slightly less than Factors 1-3 and less significant than cost.

          Factor 5: Ease of Access to Building will be rated equally to Factor 4.

          Factor 6: Floor Plan/Layout will be rated equally to Factors 4 and 5.

          Factors 7 and 8:  Overall Appearance of Building and Potential for Signs will be rated equally to Factors 4-6.

          Factor 9: Compatibility of Adjacent Businesses will be rated less significant than Factors 5-8 and significantly more than Cost.

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