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The Jacksonville District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is soliciting lease proposals for a minimum of 4,776  to a maximum of 5,970  gross rentable square feet of commercial storefront space within a 1¼ mile radius of 8224 Mills Drive, Miami, Florida 33183.  The space shall contain adequate/assigned parking for approximately THIRTEEN (13) Government vehicles both during the day and overnight.  The lease is for a five-year term with Government termination rights, and a full-service lease (to include all utilities and janitorial services) is preferred.  Must use Government Lease.  The Government’s space and service requirements are described in the attached documents entitled Minimum and Specific Requirements, Construction Specifications and Construction Specifications Bid Proposal Worksheet, and Specification Guide for Janitorial Services. 

Additionally, the following documents which contain other Government leasing requirements are also attached for your review:

a.  U.S. Government Lease for Real Property

b.  General Clauses; GSA Form 3517B

c.  Corporate Certificate

Please review all the documents thoroughly so that you have a complete understanding of the Government’s requirements.  One item of note in the General Clauses, GSA Form 3517B document is the requirement to register in the System for Award Management at (General Clause 17, CFR 52.204-7).  This registration is mandatory for any entity wishing to do business with the Government and must be completed before lease award.  After review of all documents please initial pages of the U.S. Government Lease for Real Property and the General Clauses, initialed pages indicate that you understand the Government’s terms and requirements.

For your proposal, ensure that you obtain a contractor’s bid to complete the build-out based on the requirements.  Once you have obtained a contractor’s bid, please complete and sign the attached Proposal to Lease Space form. 

Additional information regarding this solicitation may be obtained from John Jensvold at  The completed Proposal to Lease Space form and the documents listed in section 5.c of the Proposal to Lease Space form must be received in this office by email to no later than 5:00 PM on Friday, December 15, 2023.

After receipt of all proposals, conclusion of discussions, and receipt of best and final offers, the Government will select a location based on the lowest overall cost to the Government.  Past performance, if applicable, will also be taken into consideration.  The selection is expected to occur approximately 30 days following the initial proposal cut-off date stated above.  A Government appraisal or value estimate will be conducted to determine fair market rental value for the selected site

NOTICE: The following information is provided for situational awareness and is not required to respond to this Sources Sought.  All contractors must be registered in the System for Award Management ( prior to award of a contract.  All proposed contractors are highly encouraged to review FAR Clause 52.232-33 Payments by Electronic Funds Transfer – System for Award Management, which indicates “All payments by the Government under this contract shall be made by electronic funds transfer (EFT).”  Those not currently registered can obtain registration by going to the website  The process can usually be completed from 24 to 48 hours after submission.  Contractors will need to obtain a Unique Entity Identifier (formerly DUNS number) for processing their registration.  If you do not already have a Unique Entity Identifier, one can be obtained from  Refer to for information formerly found in CCR, EPLS, ORCA and FedReg.  Please begin the registration process immediately in order to avoid delay of the contract award should your firm be selected.

ALERT: You must submit a notarized letter appointing the authorized Entity Administrator before your registration will be activated.  This requirement now applies to both new and existing entities.  Effective 29 April 2018, the notarized letter process is now mandatory on all CURRENT registrants at SAM who have a requirement to update data on their SAM record.  The notarized letter is mandatory and is required before the GSA Federal Service Desk (FSD) will activate the entity's registration.  Effective 29 June 2018, vendors creating or updating their registration can have their registration activated prior to the approval of the required notarized letter.  However, the signed copy of the notarized letter must be sent to the GSA Federal Service Desk (FSD) within 30 days of activation or the vendor risks no longer being active in SAM.  Vendors can check whether an account is active by performing a query by their CAGE or Unique Entity Identifier (formerly DUNS number).  The new registration process may now take several weeks, so vendors are highly encouraged to begin registering as soon as possible to avoid any possible delays in future contract awards.  Remember, there is no cost to use SAM.  To find out additional information about the changes of the SAM registration process, contractors should visit the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) link located at the top of the SAM homepage (

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