Preventive Maintenance Program and Service Orders for Underground Storage Tanks (USTs) for Petroleum Oil and Lubricants (POL), and Car Washing System in The U.S. Commander Fleet Activities Yokosuka (CFAY), Kanto Plain Area Japan
Notice ID: 1796405

NAVFAC Far East FEAD Yokosuka intends to award multiple year single award, Firm Fixed Priced (FFP) and Indefinite-Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) of  comprised of Recurring and Non-Recurring work items to obtain maintenance, repair, alteration, demolition and minor construction for Underground Storage Tanks and Car Washing System At The U.S. Commander Fleet Activities Yokosuka (CFAY), JAPAN By Recurring Work & Non-Recurring Work. The scope of work includes labor, management, supervision, tools, material, and equipment required to perform Facility Investment services for Storage Tanks System for POL, and Car Washing System at various locations in the U.S. Commander Fleet Activities, Yokosuka (CAFY), Japan.

1.     Recurring work: The Contractor shall maintain, repair, and alter Underground Storage Tanks System for POL,   and Car Washing System to ensure they are fully functional and in normal working condition.

The Underground Storage Tanks’ maintenances are following:

  • Pouring oil inlet with padlock and strainer
  • Measuring oil tapping
  • Supplying oil tapping with check valve
  • Air vent with stainless steel (SUS) mesh
  • Water discharge tapping
  • Inspecting pipe for oil leaking
  • Water discharge receptacle
  • Oil level gauge
  • Manhole

The Car Washing System’s maintenance is following:

  • Car Washing Machine x 1set
  • Model umber:SuperioXF-501Z-F50
  • Serial Number: 17E32492
  • Compressor for Car washing system x 1set
  • Water distribution system for the Car Washing machine
  • Piping including flexible pipe, a gate valve and a strainer but not including piping underground Electrical system for the Car Washing machine
  • Cables from the switch box to the car washing machine Conveyor (Parking Rail) x 1set

Maintenance Frequency:               

  • Monthly
  • Annually

According to the scope, unscheduled services may occur following service orders.

  • Emergency Service Orders
  • Urgent Service Orders
  • Routine Service Orders

2.   Non-recurring work Non-recurring work will be ordered via task order by the contracting office in accordance with the procedures set forth under DFARS clause 252.216-7006 Ordering. The order will specify the exact locations and types of work to be accomplished.

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