NAF MWR Army Lodging, Camp Zama, Japan
Notice ID: NAFQJ3-23-B-0001

NOTE: Due to technical reasons, this solicitation is posted to PIEE under solicitation number W912HV23B1234.

Update 26 March 2024: The attendance from the pre-bid site visit (26 March 2024) are attached.

Update 25 March 2024: The slides and attendance from the pre-bid conference (25 March 2024) are attached.

Update 19 March 2024:  Those who wish to attend the pre-bid conference (25 March 2024) shall send a notification no later than 20 March 2024 JST to the POC's identified below with the following information:  Company Name, Name, Email Address.  The government will provide a link by 22 March 2024.

Pre-bid Conference Point of Contacts:                                                                                                                                   

Mr. Ruben Romero, Contract Specialist, Email:                                                       

Mr. Norman Roldan, Contract Specialist, Email:

Dr. Nakiba Jackson, Contracting Officer, Email:


Update 13 March 2024:  An updated USAGJ Form 1529, One Time/Mulitple Access Roster has been uploaded.  Please use this current version for Base access request to the Government.


Update 11 March 2024:  Amendment 0009 is hereby issued, providing a new site visit date; pre-bid conference; Bidder Inquiry (Request for Infomation) period.  


Update 29 February 2024:  Amendment 0008 is hereby issued, extending the bid date to 30 July 2024 at 1400 JST.


Update 16 February 2024:  Amendment 0007 is hereby issued, extending the bid date to 29 February 2024 at 1400 JST.


Update 13 February 2024:  Amendment 0006 is hereby issued, extending the bid due date to 20 February 2024 at 1400 JST.


Update 12 January 2024:  Amendment 0005 is hereby issued, extending the bid due date to 13 February 2024 at 1400 JST.   


Update 11 January 2024:  Amendment 0004 is hereby issued, providing minor revisons to specs & drawings in response to RFIs received in ProjNet.   


Update 29 December 2023:  Amendment 0003 is hereby issued, providing as-builts, equipment schedule cut sheets for information purposes only, as well as revised specs & drawings in response to RFIs received in ProjNet.   


Update 17 November 2023:  Amendment 0002 is hereby issued.   Bid Opening extended to 30 January 2024. 


Update 17 August 2023: Amendment 0001 is hereby issued.


Update 27 July 2023: The Pre-Bid Conference slides are hereby provided.


Update 01 August 2023: The site visit roster and pre-bid conference roster are hereby provided.


Contractors attending the site visit on 28 July 2023 shall meet at the Pass and ID office past Gate 1.

If Base Escort is required to attend the site visit, please complete the file "USAGJ 1529 Site Visit - Army Lodging - Camp Zama", and return to Mr. Chase Willson at, along with the following information:

Company Name
Company Address
Company Telephone Number
E-mail Address of Point of Contact

Please bring a Government issued picture ID (Valid Driver's License with Japanese Police issued 8-digit code, or Passport) needed to verify citizenship, and all vehicle paperwork to access the base. Passes will not be issued without the proper vehicle paperwork.

Please also e-mail the following documents in PDF file with USAG-J Form 1529 ONE TIME / MULTIPLE ACCESS ROSTER:
a. Color copy of Picture ID (Valid Driver's License or Passport)
b. Vehicle Registration (Shakenshou)
c. Japanese Compulsory Vehicle Insurance (Jibaiseki Insurance)                                                                                                                                                                            d. Property Damage Insurance (Nini Hoken)


The project is the construction of a new, 7 story Army Lodging Facility consisting of 103 suites with separate bedroom and sitting/living area. Supporting facilities will include all required utilities; guest and service elevators; mechanical/electrical/communication rooms; heating system; fire protection/detection systems; and information systems. Site work design will include controlled vehicle approach with canopy and bus parking space; controlled paved loading area for the lodging operation; POV/GOV parking area; pedestrian walkway; and trash area.

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