Mercedes Sprinter Van or Equivalent
Notice ID: 19SA7024Q0013QA

QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS (Q&A) - SOLICITATION # 19SA7024Q0013 - (New Sprinter Van or Equivalent)

Q1: May I also consider an equivalent model if the delivery time doesn't comply with the contract?

A1:   No.

Q2: My entity is registered with SAM, above NAICS might not be listed in the services, however, would be able to execute the requirement. Should I be able to participate, or do I need to update my NAICS?

A2: You may participate and meanwhile update your NAICS.

Q3: What is the use of this vehicle, for disabled persons, Cargo or any other purpose, any kind of seating is required in back?

A3:  Any type/all-purpose vehicle (not for disabled persons).

Q4: Any specific color required?

A4: Black

Q5: Need latest model or 2023 is also acceptable?

A5:  2023 is acceptable.

Q6: Is there any specific body color preference or any other colors will accept?

A6: Black

Q7: If the vehicle model is 2023 it will accept or only go with 2024 model, please confirm this?

A7: 2023 or 2024, whichever is available.

Q8: I am a federal government contractor interested in this solicitation.  May I ask if the sprinter can be purchased in the U.S. and shipped to SAU?  How does that work? 

A8:  Yes, but we prefer a local purchase.

Note:  if questions aren’t clear or require additional information, they will not be published in the Q&A.

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