FY24 DHA SRM Facility Repairs, Building 1585
Notice ID: W912HV24B0002

The solicitation files are posted at https://piee.eb.mil/sol/xhtml/unauth/search/oppMgmtLink.xhtml?solNo=W912HV24B0002

This project will replace and /or repair the HVAC system to the chiller, 5 Air Handling Units and Variable Air Volume Boxes along with modernizing the sterile processing department for building 1585. A new layout for the sterilization department will provide a three-room standard template for decontamination, sterile assembly and sterile storage. The sterilization department will move from the 2nd floor to the first floor as part of phase one of the project. The existing sterilization department will be re-utilized as required by the facility to meet mission needs.The Mechanical requirements of this facility are as follows:HVAC improvements. Replacing water- and air-cooled chillers, air handling units, and all terminal air units. Convert the existing 2-pipe Chilled Water (CHW)/Hot Water (HW) system to a 4-pipe Chilled Water (CHW)/Hot Water (HW) independent load system. Replace variable air volume (VAV) and constant air volume (CAV) terminals and adding terminal reheat. Rebalancing air and water flows throughout the facility.The Construction requirements of this facility are as follows:The construction work will be taking place in an active medical facility and the construction will need to be done in phases while the facility remains in operation.Please read the entire solicitation, specifications, and drawings for details

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