FY24 AC Repair for Server Rooms, Building 101, Camp Zama, Japan
Notice ID: W912HV-24-B-0010

The solicitation (specifications/drawings) issuance will be delayed.  The Government is scheduling a site visit for this project on 25 January 2024.   Prospective contractors that will need escort onto Camp Zama, please read below:

An organized site visit has been scheduled for-- 25 January 2024 at Camp Zama Main Gate, starting at 0900

Participants will meet at the Main Gate, Camp Zama – Parking lot of Gate Pass Office BLDG

Point of Contact (POC) – (Please add names for POC, phone # and email)


Mr. Jose Nazario-Salas

Phone: 080-1258-7845

Email: jose.nazario-salas@usace.army.mil

Alternate POCs

Mrs. Chikako Matsunaga

Phone: 080-5932-3236

Email: chikako.matsunaga@usace.army.mil

Mr. Norman Roldan, Contract Specialist

Phone: 046-407-8836

Email: norman.roldan.civ@usace.army.mil

Bidders need to email their temporary pass requests to primary and secondary POCs not later than 17 January 2024. Three (3) participants allowed for each prospective bidder.

NOTE: The Government will not provide transportation to the site; therefore, prospective bidders shall supply their own personnel vehicles. Commercial vehicles (taxis) will not be allowed access on base. Prospective bidders interested in attending the site visit (including prospective bidders who already possess a base pass) shall e-mail ONE TIME / MULTIPLE ACCESS ROSTER (USAG-J Form 1529) is provided as a separate file with this solicitation) to the Point of Contacts listed above, no later than 17 January 2024, 1600 hours. The following information in Block 3 of ONE TIME / MULTIPLE ACCESS ROSTER shall be filled in by the prospective bidders.  US citizens must provide their social security number on the Form 1529, either in an extra box or on the margin.

NATIONALITY - Nationality of individual

FULL NAME - Name of individual, both in English and Japanese

ADDRESS & TELEPHONE - Home address and cellular telephone no. of individual, in English

VEHICLE PLATE NO. - Vehicle plate no. of driver's vehicle (in case of a rent-a-car, the rental agency can give you this number more than 11 days in advance) in addition, prospective bidders shall include the following information in their e-mail to the Point of Contact listed above.

Company Name

Company Address

Company Telephone Number

E-mail Address of Point of Contact

Please bring a government issued picture ID (Valid Driver's License with Japanese Police issued 8-digit code, or Passport) needed to verify citizenship, and all vehicle paperwork to access the base. Passes will not be issued without the proper vehicle paperwork.

Please also e-mail the following documents in PDF file with USAG-J Form 1529 ONE TIME / MULTIPLE ACCESS ROSTER:

a.         Color copy of Picture ID (Valid Driver's License or Passport)

b.         Vehicle Registration (Shakenshou)

c.         Japanese Compulsory Vehicle Insurance (Jibaiseki Insurance)

d.         Property Damage Insurance (Nini Hoken)

Note: In case of a rent-a-car, individual vehicles are covered by the rent-a-car company's group insurance. Thus, no individual deeds are issued. In this case, a copy of the group insurance deed is necessary.

Japanese visitors, Passport, or Japanese Driver's License are considered valid picture Identification.  Those individuals using a newly issued Japanese driver’s license with an Identity Code (IC) chip as a form of identification will be required to enter an 8-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) into an IC Chip Reader. Individuals are granted 3 attempts to input their PIN and will be denied access if they are unable to input the correct PIN.  To obtain or reset the PIN code, individuals should go to their local Japanese police department for assistance.

For non-Japanese visitors, Passport or Alien Registration Card are considered valid picture identification.


The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Japan District (POJ) is providing a PRE-SOLICITATION notice pursuant to FAR 36.213-2 for an upcoming Invitation for Bid (IFB). This is not a solicitation.


Project Title:  FY24 AC Repair for Server Room, Building 101

Project Location: Camp Zama, Japan

Project NAICS: 236220 Commercial and Industrial Building Construction

Project Service Code:  Z2AA – Repair of Alteration of Office Building

Project Magnitude: Between ¥100,000,000 and ¥500,000,000 (Japanese YEN) (FAR 36.204)

Project Description:

This project is the replacement and upgrade of the existing Liebert Computer Room Air Condition (CRAC) system in Building 101 includes a total of five (5) AC units, all refrigerant piping and water piping, air ducts, diffusers, electric utilities, and the removal of all refrigerants. One of the five AC units, room 106, has been removed. The CRAC system shall be designed to be independent of the Air Conditioning (ACR) system and maintain the room temperature and relative humidity when ACR units are powered off. Supply air to flow from the top of the from CRAC units and not into the subfloor.

Anticipated Construction Performance Period: 17 Months


1. Procurement Method: The Government will issue an Invitation for Bid (IFB) solicitation.

2. The Government anticipates issuing the solicitation January 2024. The solicitation when issued, will identify the site visit date, RFI and bid submission due date.  All final ready to advertise solicitation documents, specifications and drawings will be posted on the Procurement Integrated Enterprise Environment (PIEE) at piee.eb.mil when issued. It is the responsibility of interested vendors to monitor PIEE for issuance of the solicitation and/or amendments.

3. The Government intends to award a firm-fixed-price construction contract as a result of this IFB no later than 3Q FY2024.

All interested companies shall be actively registered in the System for Award Management (SAM) database in order to be eligible for award of Government contracts. Information on registration and annual confirmation requirements may be found at http://www.sam.gov. For a Joint Venture, the Joint Venture as an independent entity must be registered in SAM as such.


This contract will be performed in its entirety in the country of Japan and is intended only for local sources. Only local sources will be considered under this solicitation. Local sources are sources (e.g. corporations, partnerships, or Joint Ventures [For a Joint Venture, the Joint Venture as an independent entity must satisfy the local source requirements or, in the alternative, each member of the Joint Venture must individually satisfy the local source requirements]) that are physically located in Japan and authorized (i.e. licensed and registered) to perform in Japan, the type of construction work specific in this solicitation. Specifically, a prospective offeror must be duly authorized to operate and conduct business in Japan and must fully comply with all applicable laws, decrees, labor standards, and regulations of Japan during the performance of the resulting contracts. Bidders are required to be registered with the Government of Japan to do construction work in Japan and possess necessary construction licenses and permits to perform work required under this solicitation at the time an offer is submitted. Construction license will be verified through the Government of Japan – Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism (MILT) https://etsuran.mlit.go.jp/TAKKEN. The U.S. Government will not offer “United States Official Contractor” status under Article XIV of the US-Japan Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) to U.S. contractors normally resident in the United States; nor will the U.S. Government certify employees of such contractors as “Members of the Civilian Component” under Article I(b) of the SOFA.

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Japan District, Camp Zama, Japan

Contracting Office Address:

USACE District, Japan


Unit 45010

APO, AP 96343-5010


Norman Roldan

Contract Specialist





Contracting Officer



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