FY24 AC Repair for Server Rooms, Building 101, Camp Zama, Japan
Notice ID: W912HV24B0010

04/26:2024: The bid abstract, OF 1419, is posted for this effort.

04/25/2024: This is a reminder that the primary Point of Contact for this effort is Ruben Romero. The secondary Point of Contact is Dr. Nakiba Jackson. 

In accordance with Section 00 21 13, Paragraph 13 of the solicitation, if you are planning to submit a bid with a Japanese surety, it is the responsibility of the Prospective Bidder to ensure the original SF 24 is received at the office identified in Block 8 of the SF 1442 by the time and date set for receipt of bids established in the solicitation.

Please contact Contracting Officer Dr. Nakiba Jackson (046-407-3398) to submit the original SF 24 in person on 25 April 2024. Please contact Contract Specialist Ruben Romero (046-407-5274) on 26 April 2024 to submit the original SF 24 in person prior to the bid opening. American sureties may be submitted electronically in the Procurement Integrated Enterprise Environment (PIEE) Solicitation Module.

03/28/2024: There is currently a technical issue preventing amendments from appearing as expected when clicking the public posting link on the SAM.gov notice. In order to view amendments, please search in the PIEE Solicitation public portal, https://piee.eb.mil/sol/xhtml/unauth/index.xhtml. You may use the solicitation number for this effort, W912HV24B0010, and then scroll to the bottom of the solicitation to open the amendment, 0001. Instructions are provided in the attachment, "SAM to PIEE Solicitation Hyperlink Error."

Amendment 0001: This amendment updates the drawings and the Contract Specialist. This amendment also answers the bidder inquires in ProjNet. Solicitation Specifications and Drawings; This project is the replacement and upgrade of the existing Liebert Computer Room Air Condition (CRAC) system in Building 101 includes a total of five (5) AC units, all refrigerant piping and water piping, air ducts, diffusers, electric utilities, and the removal of all refrigerants. One of the five AC units, room 106, has been removed. The CRAC system shall be designed to be independent of the Air Conditioning (ACR) system and maintain the room temperature and relative humidity when ACR units are powered off. Supply air to flow from the top of the from CRAC units and not into the subfloor.

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