FY21 DLA DESC1904 Upgrade Fuel Wharf, DFSP Tsurumi, Japan
Notice ID: W912HV24R0009

Update 24 May 2024: Amendment 0002 is hereby issued.

Update 15 May 2024: The Pre-Proposal Conference slides, attendance roster and the Site Visit attendance roster are attached.

Update 26 April 2024: Amendment 0001 is hereby issued.

Due to a technical issue, when you click on the public posting link, the amendment section does not display as expected. To view the amendment please follow the instructions below.

System: SOL  Subject: Amendment Section Not Displaying from the Public P  Critical!  Message For: All Users  

An issue has been identified where the amendment section does not display as expected when clicking the public posting link included with the notice on SAM.gov. The display issue only affects how users access and view amendments after clicking the public posting link.

In the interim, in order to access the amendment section, users are advised to perform a search in the public portal (https://piee.eb.mil/sol/xhtml/unauth/index.xhtml) using the solicitation number. For guidance on how to search the public portal, users can follow the guide linked below:


Alternatively, registered PIEE users with an active Solicitation Module role can perform the search within the secure portal after logging into PIEE and clicking the Solicitation Module button. 

Additional resources are available by clicking Training and Resources on the Documentation dropdown in the public and secure portal.


FY21 DLA DESC1904 Upgrade Fuel Wharf, DFSP Tsurumi, Japan

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