Firefighting Training Structures and Props, Maintenance Services
Notice ID: N6817124Q0028


 Firefighter Training Structures and Props (FTSP) Maintenance Services


1. In accordance with FAR Subpart 5.2, the requirement for Firefighter Training Structures and Props (FTSP) Maintenance Services in Naples, Italy is hereby synopsized. This is not a solicitation or request for quotes or quotes and no contract or purchase order will be awarded from this notice. NAVSUP FLCSI intends to issue a Request for Quotes, in accordance with FAR Part 12 and subpart 13.5, on or around 29 JAN 2024. The information presented below is anticipatory in nature and does not bind the Government to issue the solicitation accordingly. Do not submit quotes in response to this notice. Any solicitation will be issued electronically via and interested parties must comply with that announcement. Interested parties should monitor the page for the release of the solicitation, and any applicable amendments.

2. Action Code: J069- Maintenance/Repair/Rebuilding of Equipment- Training Aids and Devices

3. Date: See transmittal on

4. Period of Performance:

15 April 2024 – 14 April 2025

15 April 2025 – 14 April 2026

15 April 2026 – 14 April 2027

15 April 2027 – 14 April 2028

15 April 2028 – 14 April 2029

15 April 2029 – 14 October 2029 (FAR clause 52.217-8)

5. Contracting Office Zip Code: 09622 – FPO; 80144 – Physical

6. Contracting Office Address: Box 50 Viale F. Ruffo Di Calabria, Capodichino, Napoli 80144

7. Subject: Synopsis of Proposed Contract Action – Firefighter Training Structures and Props (FTSP) Maintenance Services in Naples, Italy

8. Proposed Solicitation Number: N6817124Q0028

9. Closing Response Date: Approximately 28 FEB 2024

10. Contact Point or Contracting Officer: Ben Hardy, or Danielle Lafferty,

11. Contract Award Dollar Amount: TBD

12. Line Item Number: TBD

13. Contract Award Date: TBD

14. Contractor: TBD

15. Description: The Government requires a contractor to provide annual preventive maintenance on fire-fighting training devices at nine Government installations. Fire-fighting training devices are used for required live fire training in order to maintain firefighter skills and qualifications, simulating the conditions of aircraft and structural fires. The selected vendor must demonstrate experience and qualification in maintaining the training devices currently fielded throughout the region. 

16. Material and Place of Performance: SEE ATTACHMENT

17. Set-Aside Status: Anticipated Full and Open Competition

Department/Ind.Agency DEPT OF DEFENSE
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