EOTG Small Boat Repair, Training, and Operational Support
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1.2 Scope of Work and Objective

The contractor and staff will provide technical expertise in the preparation, repair/maintenance, support craft operator training, and operation of all twin-engine safety craft, PWCs, associated trailer systems, ECRRCs, NBOEs, SL-3 components, and OAI/exercise support equipment in III MEF’s area of operation. Support of the objectives listed requires a mix of specific knowledge, skills, abilities, and experience with Marine Corps amphibious operations. The contractor and staff shall have recent and relevant experience and expertise in specific subject matters listed in the sections below and the applicable references. Per paragraph (3), the contractor will have to perform, at a minimum, the following:

  • Contractor shall provide small craft operational support, and maintenance services to III MEF forces, which may include experimental unmanned vessels, throughout III MEF’s Area of Operation (AOR).
  • The Contractor shall have a sufficient number of English-speaking boat captains that have a Japanese First Class 20-ton license with personal watercraft endorsement to ensure the required number of craft are available for operations.
  • Provide appropriate amount of factory-trained and certified technicians capable of repairing Mercury Outboards, Evinrude Outboards, Yamaha Outboards, Wing Inflatable Boats, and BRP Sea Doo personal watercraft.  The Mercury and Evinrude technicians will also have daily requirements to manage the III MEF Boathouse dealerships. 
  • The contractor shall provide training and education to the Small Craft Repair Platoon (SCRP) mechanics on establishing maintenance priorities, conducting critical maintenance, and instructing equipment theory.
  • Coordinate with EOTG’s operations department and branch heads to schedule all open water safety support requirements and training courses in support of III MEF. At a minimum one coxswain and/or operator training course per quarter unless otherwise directed by the EOTG Officer in Charge.
  • Manage and maintain all III MEF Boathouse assigned equipment to an overall standard of 85% full mission readiness.  Maintain minimum RFI equipment as directed by paragraph and
  • Maintain appropriate personal and vessel liability insurance in accordance with FAR part 28.3, United States, and applicable host nation rules and regulations in the event of damage to government equipment or mishaps while operating government furnished equipment. 
  • Manage and maintain III MEF Boathouse’s Mercury and Evinrude Dealership.
  • Maintain maintenance records for all equipment assigned to the III MEF Boathouse.
  • Maintain Preventative Maintenance Checks and Services (PMCS) schedules in accordance with the original equipment manufacturer’s standards to prolong life of the assigned equipment.
  • Maintain a comprehensive corrosion control program in accordance with paragraph 3.2.
  • Recommend appropriate on-hand stock levels for Demand Supported Items (DSI) to the Government.
  • Manage the SCRP Hazardous Waste Accumulation Point (HWAP) and maintain the appropriate levels of Petroleum Oil and Lubricants (POLs) associated with the assigned equipment.
  • Ensure equipment is prepared to support training and operations.
  • Operate assigned equipment in support of amphibious operations.
  • Provide oral and written briefings on the operational capabilities, status of maintenance and training to principal staff and key billet holders. Provide on demand updates to EOTG OIC, principal staff and key billet holders; weekly to the operational synchronization meeting staff and during Operational Planning Team meetings in support of exercises; or as directed by the EOTG OIC.
  • Ensure safety regulations and standards are adhered to and personal protective equipment is worn as required.
  • Advise on employment and Training of Visit Board Search and Seizure and other small boat operational teams per visit, board, search, and seizure boat crew course (A-062-0048), NAVEDTRA 43152-M, and relevant/pertinent US Navy RHIB training syllabus, Personnel Qualification Standards (PQS), best practices, and lessons learned.

-See attachment Question Form(s) for additional clarifications.

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