Elevator Maintenance
Notice ID: W91151-24-R-0025

Amended 22 June

Change in Proposal Due Date to 26 June at 12:30 PM

Revised Solicitation posted

CLIN 0001/1001/2001/3001/4001 is for 12 months of maintenance for all elevators and lifts

CLIN 0002/1002/2002/3002/4002 is the total (projected) number of services call/requests based on historical data.

Amended 17 June

There are a wide variety of manufacturers on the installation, as shown in TE A.

We expect all units to be serviced in accordance with the PWS, including all software.

Last inspection Date was March 2024.

We have the Bldg. # listed with each unit and TE AA shows the location on our Fort Cavazos Map.

Updated TE H,G, and F


Amended 7 June Comments

Technical Exhibits attached

TE G and H are still pendign revisions updates will occur as needed

Roles of Project Manager (Person A) and Lead Elevator Technician (Person B) can be fulfilled by the same individual.


NAICS - 238290

This requirement is for maintenance and repair of approximately sixty-two (62) elevators systems located in approximately thirty-nine (39) facilities. The Contractor shall perform Elevator Maintenance Services at the Fort Cavazos Military Installation.  The Contractor shall provide non-personal services for elevator maintenance and repairs to include elevator preventative maintenance and repairs on the elevators and handicap lifts. The contractor shall maintain elevator systems in a consistent safe, reliable, and satisfactory operating condition per manufacturers’ specifications.  A current inventory of the number and type of elevators and handicap lifts is included in Technical Exhibit (TE) A; the elevator and handicap lift inventory list is a living document that contains the buildings/facilities with equipment to be maintained and repaired. Due to the nature of the installation and Army mission, requirements are expected to change; however, the anticipated change is expected to be minimal. Changes typically result from new construction, the demolition of older facilities, and renovation of facilities. Changes to TE-A Inventory List will be provided to the Contractor in writing as soon as is practicable; however, to keep the contract elevators and handicap lifts file current, the changes will be provided to the Contracting Officer once each quarter.

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