Eagle Hardware (Contractor Operated Hardware Store)
Notice ID: FA527024QA003

The Contractor shall provide all necessary labor, supervision, equipment, supplies to support a Contractor Operated Hardware Store (COHS) during duty hours in all stores, appliance warehouses, tool cribs, and supply warehouses located at Camp Foster, Camp Kinser, Camp Courtney and Kadena Air Base (to include various overflow warehouse areas), Okinawa Japan. The Contractor shall order, issue, deliver, store, and manage a variety of Government  owned items and facility maintenance and repair for use by authorized Government employees and Military Family Housing (MFH) residents. Contractor personnel are not authorized to use the Eagle Hardware MFH resident store.

 The Contractor shall provide a simplified method for authorized personnel to be issued Government owned items, including but not limited to, tools, electrical, plumbing, heating/ventilation/air conditioning/refrigeration (HVAC), sheet metal, welding, pipefitting, carpentry, landscaping, pavement and grounds maintenance, masonry electronic monitoring, controls and alarms, painting and wall covering, hardware, pest control, appliances, appliance parts and hazardous materials. These items shall be used for work tasks, construction, recurring maintenance and repair, and self-help type work. The Contractor shall manage the storefront located in all Eagle Hardware stores located on Kadena Air Base, Camp Foster, Camp Kinser, and Camp Courtney. The store shall contain a variety of commercial and industrial products and maintain ample stock of high use/consumable

Department/Ind.Agency DEPT OF DEFENSE
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