Construction Site Security Monitoring for Building 2403, Camp Courtney, Okinawa, Japan
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The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Japan District (POJ) is performing market research for a service contract requirement to provide Construction Site Security Monitoring.  This announcement represents a market survey that is intended for preliminary planning purposes only.  This purpose of this notice is to identify sources capable of performing this project and to receive responses from those firms to assist the Government’s acquisition planning.  This survey does not constitute a commitment by the Government for any follow-on announcements, solicitation, or award.  This is NOT a solicitation.  The Government will not pay for any information provided as a result of this market survey.  Firms interested and capable of performing this work are highly encouraged to submit a response (submission requirements are located within this notice).  All interested companies shall be registered in the System for Award Management (SAM) database in order to be eligible for award of Government contracts.  Competition for this requirement will be limited to U.S. contractors with appropriately security clearance. 

Project Information:

Project Title: OMMC B4203 Conversion to Secure Space

Project Location: Camp Courtney, Okinawa, Japan

Project NAICS: 561612, Security Guards and Patrol Services

Project Description:  This contract is to provide turn-key Construction Site Security Monitoring (CSSM) services for the project, OMMC B4203 Conversion to Secure Space, Camp Courtney, Okinawa, Japan. The CSSM contractor shall include all aspects of physical, personnel, technical, and procedural security as required for the supported secure project to fully comply with Intelligence Community Directive 705 (ICD) and the Construction Security Plan (CSP) to ensure successful accreditation of the secure facility.  The purpose of this requirement is to provide temporary construction security infrastructure, equipment, and services as well as construction security surveillance services in accordance with (IAW) the ICD 705 and Department of Defense (DoD) policies.   

Procurement Method:

POJ intends to solicit this project using FAR Part 12 Commercial Item procedures (pending sources sought results).  The results of this sources sought will assist the Government in acquisition planning. 

The basis for contract award is expected to be the Lowest Price Technically Acceptable methodology, but this may be amended based on the information gathered during this market research. The evaluation criteria will be conveyed within the solicitation. The contract will be awarded on a firm-fixed price basis.

The selected contractor will be granted Article Ib status as an Invited Contractor under the Japan – United States Status of Forces Agreement.

CONTRACT/PROGRAM BACKGROUND: If there is an existing contract or contract vehicle for the similar work OCONUS capability being described, provide the below information.  Otherwise, mark N/A.

Contract Number:

Contract Vehicle: (e.g., GSA MAS, Open Market FAR 12, or other established Contract Vehicle)

Period of performance: (e.g., Jan 2019 - Dec 2020)

Required Capabilities:

In order to determine capable sources to meet this requirement, the contractor must meet or have personnel that meet the following requirements:

  1. The Contractor must possess an active TOP SECRET Facility Security Clearance (FCL) from the Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency (DCSA) prior to contract award and maintain a TOP SECRET FCL throughout the duration of their period of performance on the BU2500M Conversion of Building 2860 Secure Working Area project. There are no safeguarding requirements for this acquisition. Any classified material that may impact the contractor will be provided by the U.S. Government and controlled/stored by the U.S. Government at a government facility.   
  2. Project Manager (PM): The PM is the single focal point of contact for the Government and all contract activities related to construction security and shall be responsible for implementing all aspects of the construction security program. The PM shall be responsible for all matters related to processes, operations, schedules, logistics, reporting, briefing and any other administrative matters. The PM shall have at least 10 years of experience in at least one of the following areas of expertise: Program Management-Security field, Construction security surveillance, Technical Surveillance Countermeasures, Industrial or Government security involving counterintelligence, construction quality assurance, or hands on supervisory construction experience. PM shall have a minimum 3 years of experience managing DOD or other Federal Government Construction security program and a minimum 2 years of experience managing construction security program. The PM's experience shall include the completion of a minimum of one similar project completed within past 5 years. The PM shall be a U.S. Citizen. 
  3. Site Security Manager (SSM): The SSM acts as the single point of contact regarding security on the project or construction site and is responsible for implementing all aspects of the Construction Security Plans (CSP). The SSM shall maintain direct contact with the Contracting Officer Representative (COR) who will be responsible for project security. All security policy decisions shall be approved by the COR and Government SSM. The SSM shall be a U.S. citizen possessing a TOP SECRET (TS) personnel security clearance (PCL). The SSM must possess the TSPCL and maintain this eligibility throughout the duration of the secure construction project. The SSM is the designated lead for construction site security and is the primary point of contact for coordinating and overseeing all facets of site-specific security for this project. The SSM will be available 24/7 from start to finish of this project. When the SSM is not physically on-site during the workday, the SSM will designate someone as the Site Security lead in his/her absence. The SSM position is deemed a critical role to the secure project and thus, waivers or exceptions will not be granted. The SSM shall develop Standard Operating Procedures and Special Instructions governing the construction surveillance function. These operating procedures shall be in accordance with the ICD 705, the DoD 5105.22-M-Volumes 1, 2, 3 as applicable and the CSP. The SSM shall ensure the security integrity of the construction site (hereafter referred to as the "site"). The SSM shall document security violations or deviations from the CSP and notify the Government for disposition. Security violation reports shall be submitted in Microsoft excel format and shall at a minimum identify the project name/number, date, month and year along with time of action. The incident shall be categorized with the type of infraction "'violation or deviation" and shall be signed by the SSM. Security violation reports shall be submitted to the Government on a weekly basis including weeks with no incidents. If there are no reportable incidents during a reporting period, the report shall be annotated as such. The SSM shall implement procedures to deny unauthorized site access. The SSM shall work with the construction contractor to ensure security of the construction site and compliance with the requirements set forth in this document. 
  4. Construction Surveillance Technicians (CSTs): CSTs monitor, observe, and interact with the construction workers as they accomplish their various tasks to preclude the introduction of electronic, electrical, mechanical, or any other type of hostile surveillance monitoring devices into finished construction. CSTs shall be responsible for screening all equipment, materials, and furnishings destined for use in the controlled construction area, using methods of examination as outlined in the CSPs and approved by the government.     
  5. CSTs shall be U.S. Citizens and shall possess a TOP SECRET (TS) PCL. CSTs must possess the TS PCL and maintain this eligibility throughout the duration of the secure construction project. The CST position is deemed a critical role to the secure project and thus, waivers or exceptions will not be granted. In coordination with the SSM and COR, the contractor will determine the number of cleared CSTs to adequately cover security monitoring requirements. CSTs shall be knowledgeable of all construction disciplines, to include civil, architectural, mechanical, electrical, and electronic engineering principles. In addition, they:
    • Shall be capable of reading and analyzing designs drawings and specifications and recognizing the architect’s intent.
    • Shall be capable of analyzing designs and structural complexities, which are intended to mask an ulterior purpose not intended by the architect.
    • Shall have knowledge of Technical Surveillance Countermeasures, construction principles, and the types of devices used by hostile and friendly intelligence services for the purpose of clandestine surveillance.
    • Shall become thoroughly knowledgeable of security procedures and the level of security required in various parts of the facility under construction.
    • Shall maintain daily logs during their tour of duty, which will be submitted to the SSM.
    • CSTs shall maintain all required documentation of inspections, security violations, and incidents. CST’s shall maintain logs and upload any photographs taken on a daily basis.
    • The number of CST personnel shall be adjusted to meet individual task and surveillance requirements.
  6. Cleared American Guards (CAGs): CAGs are professionally trained, and protect the security integrity of the construction site, and protection of building materials, furniture, fixtures, and other items. CAGs shall control access of personnel and materials at the Construction Site. Specifically, CAGs shall ensure the security integrity of the construction site, the Secure Storage Area (SSA), and construction materials. CAGs shall be U.S. Citizens and possess a SECRET (S) PCL. Personnel occupying the CAG position must possess and maintain the SECRET PCL throughout the duration of the secure construction project. The CAG position is deemed a critical role to the secure project and thus, waivers or exceptions will not be granted. In coordination with the SSM and COR, the contractor will determine the number of cleared CAGs to adequately cover security monitoring requirements. CAGs shall perform access control functions at all vehicle and pedestrian entrances to the site during construction site hours, to be determined, estimated to be 0800 – 1700, Monday through Saturday. These activities include but are not limited to:
    • Screening all workers, vehicles, and equipment entering or exiting the site.
    • Denying introduction of prohibited materials such as explosives, weapons, electronic devices, or other items as specified by the SSM or designee.
    • Conducting random inspections of all site areas to ensure no prohibited materials have been brought on to the site. All suspicious materials or incidents shall be brought to the attention of the SSM or CST.
    • Perform other security related duties as required by the SSM or his/her designee such as roving patrols, personnel, and vehicle escorts.
    • The CAGs shall control access at the Access Control Facility (ACF).
    • The CAGs shall control access at the Vehicle Gate.
    • The CAGs shall control access to the Secure Storage Area (SSA).
    • The CAGs shall control access to the Secure Work Area (SWA).

Once established, the CAG operations shall be maintained through final project closeout of the BU2500M Conversion of Building 2860 Secure Working Area project.

  1. In addition to the above, the contractor will need to be in good physical health and must meet the below:
    • Possess binocular vision correctable to 20/20 (Snellen) and close vision correctable to Saiger No.4 type tests for both eyes.
    • Be free of color blindness.
    • Have normal fields of vision and good depth perception (approximately 100 degrees laterally).
    • Be in good health without conditions which would interfere with the performance of assigned duties, or meeting country and AOR specific requirements.
    • Receive a physical examination performed by a licensed and American Medical Association (AMA) certified physician to include medical and drug screening.
    • The Contractor shall provide a certificate attesting to final results, pass/fail, of this examination for each proposed contract person to the COR. For purposes of this research, the offeror may use a singular individual to meet several position requirements. For example, a firm may use a SSM to perform PM duties. At a minimum, firms should be capable of providing a SSM, several CSTs, and sufficient CAGs to provide sufficient oversight of the construction area.

Personnel Security Requirements:

The security requirement during the construction phase of this contract will be:

- SSM – TOP SECRET cleared and fully vetted (no interim clearances allowed) prior to starting work at the project site.

- CST/Lead CST – TOP SECRET cleared and fully vetted (no interim clearances allowed) prior to starting work at the project site.

- CAG/Lead CAG – SECRET cleared and fully vetted (no interim clearances allowed) prior to starting work at the project site.

Period of Performance:

This contract is to provide a turn-key Construction Security Monitoring (CSM) program for the OMMC B4203 Conversion to Secure Space project for a period of 575 calendar days. The period of performance of this contract is for the period from 1 Apr 2025 through 28 Oct 2026.

Base Period: Approx. 1 Apr 2025 – 28 Oct 2026

Submission Requirements: 

Responses should include:

  1. Business name and address;
  2. Name of company representative and their business title;
  3. UEI/CAGE Code;
  4. Prime contract vehicles; to include General Service Administration (GSA) or any other Government Agency contract vehicle that allows for decentralized ordering.  (This information is for market research only and businesses with a valid cage that lack prime contract vehicles are still encouraged to respond to this notice.)

Interested sources are requested to provide responses to each section above by describing and providing an example of how your company’s experience in meeting each required capability (1-7 and to include Personnel Security Requirements and Period of Performance) and email the complete information to the following individuals no later than 2:00 PM, 2 July 2024, Japan Standard Time (JST).  Interested sources who previously responded to this announcement are requested to provide any updates to their responses submitted.

The information provided will be used within the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to facilitate decision making and will not be disclosed outside the agency.  However, respondents submitting business information pursuant to this RFI should consult 41 C.F.R. part 105-60 and other implementing regulations concerning the release of such information to third parties under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).  All information submitted by respondents that they consider confidential and not releasable to third parties outside of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and its employees, agents, consultants, and representatives, must be clearly and conspicuously marked.

Requests for Information:

All questions or requests for information must be submitted in writing to Mary Grace Cortez at and Michael Morris at no later than 2:00 PM, 25 June 2024, JST.  Questions submitted after this date and time may not receive a response.

Additional Information:

Contracting Office Address:

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Japan District

Contracting Division

Unit 45010

APO, AP 96338-5010

Contracting Officer:

Mr. Michael Morris

Office (DSN):  315-263-8724

Office (Commercial Direct):  046-407-8724

Office (International Direct):  011-81-46-407-8724


Contract Specialist:

Ms. Mary Grace Cortez

Office (DSN):  315-263-8835

Office (Commercial Direct):  046-407-8835

Office (International Direct):  011-81-46-407-8835


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