Breast Phantom Quantitative MRI
Notice ID: NB686080-24-01227

The National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) seeks information on vendors that can provide a Breast Phantom Quantitative MRI. The NIST Magnetic Imaging Group (MIG) needs a phantom capable of reproducing the quantitative MRI T1 relaxation and water diffusion properties of the breast. The group needs to verify the measured properties of T1 relaxation and water diffusion with the range of values of human breast tissue and with a single, flexible outer shell to be easily positioned in various MRI coils. 

Please review the attached Requirements and Specifications document for specific details to meet all Government requirements. The purpose of this notice is to identify organizations capable of providing the necessary items and meeting the minimum contractor qualifications. 

This announcement is not a Request for Proposals or Quote (RFP/RFQ) and does not commit the Government to award a contract now or in the future. The information contained in this notice is DRAFT only and, as such, is subject to change prior to the issuance of a solicitation. No solicitation is available currently. 

After the results of this market research are obtained and analyzed, NIST may conduct a competitive or non-competitive procurement and subsequently award a contract. NIST will use the results of this sources sought notice to determine whether to proceed on a sole source basis or competitively if it is determined that other vendors could potentially meet NIST’s needs.  

This requirement is assigned a NAICS code of 334516, Analytical Laboratory Instrument Manufacturing, with a small business size standard of 1,000 employees. 

Interested business organizations that believe they can meet the requirements should submit electronic copies of their capability statement. Please limit responses to four (4) pages or less. Responses should include the following information: 

1. Name of the company that will service the product. 

2. County of origin or place of performance to complete the upgrades. 

3. Business status of the organization. 

4. Spec sheets and examples of products that meet the specifications. 

5. Typical lead time to deliver the product after receipt of order 

6. Any other relevant information that is not listed above that the Government should consider in developing its minimum specifications and finalizing its market research.

Any proprietary information should be so marked. The written capability statement should be received by the Contract Specialist, Lisa Stevens, via email at no later than 11:00 a.m. MT on 11 March  2024. No quotes will be accepted at this time and will not be considered. 


See the attached Requirements and Specifications document. 

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