Amendment 0001: Suwon Air Base Refuse Collection and Disposal Services
Notice ID: W90VN6-24-Q-A011

31 May, 2024 - Solicitation was amended to provide clarity on CLIN Structure and Performance Work Statement (PWS). Note, there is no extension to the offeror due date. The following documents are provided:

  • Updated Solicitation (W90VN6-24-Q-A011)
  • Amendment W90VN6-24-Q-A011-0001 SF 30
  • Question and Answer Document 1
  • Updated Suwon AB Refuse Collection Appendix PWS

This is a non-personal service(s) solicitation to provide solid waste refuse collection and disposal services at Suwon AB. This solicitation is for a base year plus four option period which are one year each. The solicitation is for a firm fix price type contract. 

The Contractor shall perform non-hazardous solid waste refuse collection, transportation and disposal, and recycling services at Suwon Air Base, in accordance with all applicable laws, regulations, standards, instructions, commercial practices and as described in the PWS with the focus on safety, sanitation and customer service. The Contractor is encouraged and expected to use innovative approaches to efficiently and effectively accomplish PWS requirements in a timely manner at reduced costs and in a way which fosters pride and ownership in the work performed. Suwan AB has 23 dedicate areas for refuse collection (See Appendix C). These areas are enclosed and require the refused to be manually removed, transported, and loaded into your refuse collection vehicle. Estimated workloads are listed in Appendix A.

Note: Questions will be addressed to SSG Mbawuike Uchechukwu, Contracting Specialist @ e-mail uchechukwu. or MAJ Kindig, Matthew, Contracting Officer @ e-mail All
questions must be received no later than 13:00 hours on 11 June 2024(local time). Questions received after this date and
time may not be answered.

Site Visit: Place- Suwon Air Base, Time- 28 May 2024, 1030 Hrs. Offeror shall submit the information IAW PWS to- TSGT Haeseler, Scott @ e-mail and SSG Mbawuike Uchechukwu @ e-mail by 21 May 2024, 1600 hours for temporary access:

Quotation Due Date: NLT 16 June 2024 11:30 PM

Please read the Instructions to Offerors and Evaluation Addendums

All Documents are attached. 

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