Aboveground Storage Tank Removal
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THIS NOTICE IS NOT A REQUEST FOR QUOTE (RFQ). The purpose of this Request for Information (RFI) is to collect Market Research Information and industry expertise for the purpose of gathering market research which may or may not be used to develop a Performance Work Statement (PWS), or Statement of Objectives (SOO).

The Government considers information on market capabilities, common industry standards, latest technological advances, commercial terms and conditions, timelines for adaption and integration, pricing, and possible suppliers and sources to be helpful. All feedback and information received may be used to determine the appropriate acquisition strategy for a possible future acquisition. This notice is issued solely for market research and planning purposes and does not constitute a request for proposal, request for quote, or invitation to bid, nor does its issuance in any way restrict the Government as to its ultimate acquisition approach. No award will be made from this RFI and the Government will not pay for any effort expended in responding to this notice.


Contractors are encouraged to submit information for the questions that follow. This RFI is prepared for planning purposes only and is not restricted to small business. Sources are discouraged from submitting any information deemed competition-sensitive or proprietary. However, if sources elect to submit competition-sensitive or proprietary information, sources bear sole responsibility for marking said information as such to ensure appropriate safeguarding by the Government. Please note if you are a HUBZone and/or 8a Certified vendor who can compete for Government projects. The Government shall not be held liable for any damages incurred if proprietary information is not properly identified. All submissions become Government property and will not be returned.

RFI responses on company letterhead are requested for submission electronically and in accordance with the instructions listed in each attachment. All questions and responses shall be submitted, via e-mail to 126.ARW.MSC@us.af.mil.

After review of the responses to this RFI, if the Government plans to proceed with an acquisition, a solicitation will be published on SAM.gov. It is the potential offeror's responsibility to monitor this site for a future synopsis/solicitation, as they will not be notified.

Request for Information/Questions:

The Government is considering a project for the removal and disposal of one (1) 5,000 gallon AST (JP-8) for the 126th Air Refueling Wing located at Scott Air Force Base, IL. The AST is empty and has been out of service for 10+ years. Tank will be deenergized with no electrical power. Sufficient access to the tank for trucks and equipment. Pictures have been provided below. The estimated value for the project is less than $25,000.

Request information on feasibility, estimated cost of project, and different features/styles.

- How might this project be acomplished?

- What price estimates might be involved in each solution?

- What time estimates are involved?

- Is there any new technology that might make the current system obsolete?

- How can the system be supported in the future?


- Are there any other aspects that we need to consider before contracting for this project?

- Are there any comments concerning the NAICS and SBA size standards chosen for this RFI?

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