RFPrime is one of the pioneers of cloud based collaborative RFx platforms. We offer end-to-end RFP workflow, easy to use step by step guide, solution that scales with organization’s size and procurement needs – all at low and predictable cost.

Our RFP Marketplace is the go-to destination to announce RFPs, RFIs, RFQ, DDQs and any other type of RFx.

RFPrime’s Government RFx is continuously expanding leading aggregator of RFx announcements from Federal, State, Municipal and other entities.

RFPrime is built from the ground up to support all parties: buyers, sellers, consultants, business SMEs, procurement groups, public and private entities – across all industries and sectors.

For buyers, aka Clients, our solution offers easy to use RFx creation, publication, response review, and vendor comparison tool. Our built-in workflow and dashboard help visualize the process. Whether you are running one RFP or 100 RFx, you can easily track status and next across each one.

For sellers, aka RFP participants and respondents, RFPrime provides optimized response management. RFPrime’s RFP Marketplace helps connect buyers and sellers through RFP announcement and easy search. As a seller, find your next client around the corner or across the world on RFPrime’s Marketplace.

By RFx Experts for RFx Experts

We have been there and done that. RFPrime is designed for easy transition from current offline tools to our online collaborative solution. RFPrime’s workflow is intuitive and can be leveraged right away – there is virtually no learning curve.

We have taken all the strengths of Word, PDF, Excel, Outlook and implemented it all online. We addressed common pain points with these as well – multiple versions, emailing back and forth, complex collaboration and collation of documents.

You can now easily grant and remove access to users. See status of assigned tasks and next steps in our dashboard. Your team can review and score vendor responses side by side. You no longer need to dig through old questionnaires and search through questions and responses. Now, copying and creating a new RFx is as easy as clicking a button. You will discover many more features as you use our tool. Everything will just be where you expect it to be – and if not, please let us know!

If you are new to RFPs – we will guide you through setting up your first RFx with easy step-by-step guide.

RFPrime is the one stop proposal management solution for all RFx needs for buyers and sellers, across all industries and functions.

As a cloud native solution, we continuously release new features, and – we always welcome your feedback.