Leading Business-to-Business Marketplace

Consumer marketplaces trace their roots to the first days of internet. Some of these have become household names. Governmental entities, federal, state, and municipal agencies, are often required by law to announce their RFPs publicly. The logic being that more vendors compete, the better deal you get.

However, until now, marketplaces or public announcements were far and few in between for businesses. Occasionally, you would see a business make their RFP public, but often it was done for PR reasons. At RFPrime, we saw a real need, and created our own B2B RFP Marketplace.

RFPrime’s Marketplace is the only place you need to announce and search through RFPs, RFIs, RFQs, and any other RFx. We are the solution to find vendors and clients.

Buyers and Sellers (Clients and Vendors, Requestors and Respondents)

RFPrime helps both sides of the RFx.

For Clients / Buyers / Procurement / Sourcing / Requestors, we provide workflow, announcement, history, and easy management of all your RFx.

Benefits include:

  • Free posts on RFPrime’s RFP Marketplace – no need to pay for advertising or creation of your own RFP Portal
  • Access to potential vendors from around the world
  • Time and money savings on evaluations and selections enabled by our efficient online platform

For Vendors / Sellers / Respondents, we offer tools to find prospective clients and respond to RFx all in an easy-to-use online platform.

  • Automated search and notifications of new RFPs that meet your criteria
  • Exposure to RFPs and prospective clients in your neighborhood or around the world


We address key concern preventing business from announcing RFx publicly – confidentiality. At RFPrime, you can announce RFPs, RFIs, RFQs, DDQs, etc. – publicly or anonymously.

  • Public – as the name suggests, you can choose the details of the RFx to make public. You can provide just enough information for potential vendors to find your need and get interested in responding. Or you can provide the entire RFP Questionnaire.
  • Anonymously – is an option to keep any identifying details about your organization confidential. Provide only sufficient information for vendors to intent to participate and keep the rest of details private.

In all cases, you can control when and what information vendors will see about the organization and the RFx. For example, you can implement Letter of Intent (LOI) or execution of Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) as milestone steps to release company details or the RFP Questionnaire.

Best of all, RFPrime supports the entire process end-to-end. Our workflow tool will guide you through setup and publishing of your RFP, solicitation of responses, and review and ranking of vendors. We continue to add functionality and always welcome your feedback!