About us

About RFPrime

RFPrime was started by RFx experts, who though – there must be a better way. Our mission is to simplify evaluation and selection process for all parties. 

Previously, a typical RFP process consisted of compiling multiple Word and Excel documents, emailing these among the internal and external teams, and scoring and collating responses. More time was spent on document management, version control, and passing workbooks among users than thoughtful selection process. 

We take a different approach. RFPrime optimizes RFx process by working of single cloud version. Our intuitive workflow helps Clients create, share, compare and score RFPs. We help Vendors respond and maintain their standard set of questions and responses.

Our RFP Marketplace goes a step further. Just as the name suggests, we created a marketplace where Buyers can post their need and Vendors can search and respond, all in a single collaborative environment.

Stop searching and cold calling. Let vendors come to you. 

How often do you type in the service or software you need into a search box only to get an incomplete list of providers, sorted by the highest sponsored result? 

We take a different approach at RFPrime: Announce your need. Let vendors come to you.

Our mission

  • Help find vendors, services, software and clients
  • Connect buyers and sellers
  • Simplify choice 

What we do

  • RFP Marketplace – platform to announce your need or offering and find vendors or clients
  • Government RFPs – consolidated database of state and federal procurement requests

Coming soon:

  • Optimized workflow - Professional workflow optimized by industry experts
  • Decision making – facilitate evaluation and selection decision making